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About Us

GREATER KOLKATA INFRASTRUCTURE LTD. , as the name goes is an infrastructure company.

Infrastructure refers to the elementary supporting factors responsible for the entire framework of the country.Infrastsructure companies manage the infraststructure requirement in the under developed areas.In the face of the global financial crisis and economic downturn,infrastructure development gives a fiscal thrust to the economy.We are engaged in Construction, Housing, Education, Hotel & Tourism, Telcome, Agro & Food Products and other allied activities.Against Global slowdown Indian economy had witnesses an unprecedented growth of around 8% and shows a continuous display of reasonable strong fundamentals with private infrastructure companies.


GKIL has been incorporated under Companies Act 1956, with the office of the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal on 5th October 2009. The commencement of business had been obtaines on 15th October 2009.The Registration no. of the company is 21-38699 and corporate identity no. is U4540WB2009PLC138699.

GKIL has initially stressed in participating in the field of Housing Projects, Education, Hotels, Media Sector, Export & Import, Telcom and looks forward to move into the other segment of infrastructure development at a letter stage.


Housing Projects : India has witnessed a mass development in residential housing complexes.These real estate development are now not only restricted to metropolitan cities but also in the outskirts. Keeping this in mind GKIL has procured substancial acres of land at the city outskirts and at Falta, one of the major special export promotion zone in eastern India. With the Governmet approving its sanction, construction will commence rovide w short span. The mission of GKIL is to provide world-class projects to fulfill the residential need of the people.


Education is the key of social and economic development of our society . Level of literacy has a profound bearing on human development . With our infrastructure and human capital we are confident of providing best education to cope with the globalization challenge. Keeping this view  GKIL is tying up with some reputed education institutions of India .


Hotel plays a vital role in a country’s infrastructure development. Today, the rise in corporate activities is leading to a great number of business trip s. Furthermore, with the stress undertaken by the people, the desire for weekend leisure trips has made hotel a competitive industry. Our  falta hotel & resort  is a world class resort within  close proximity of the city . This is going to be an attractive destination for not only the people of eastern  India but other parts of the country. With the growing need of supporting staff for catering to the needs of the hotel industry. GKIL is planning to introduce a hotel management college at falta where it had acquired land in close vicinity of the resort. Students coming out from this institution will be professionally competent to match with the industries requirement.


Other than real estate, there are various other fields in which the company is expanding rapidly, the group has a chain of various other businesses. The group has the franchise of a renowned homeopathic medicine manufacturer. It also  has the franchise of  ‘reliance web outlet’  situated at gariahat  & Bangalore . it also runs petrol pump  under the banner vof ‘reliance’  in Bangalore. The group also is associated in tea retailing of a well  known brand through its own out lets at rashbehari  avenue  and strand  road , and ‘PADMAPARER  RANNAGHAR’an authentic Bangladeshi cuisine restaurant at Gariahat. The group also caters for the people who have a special gastronomical taste through its multi cuisine  fully air conditioned restaurant at strand road. Driven by the noble thought and ideas and with the urge of performing something special for the society we are also contemplating of making stage of the multy specialty health care institutions at various places in  Kolkata .

We sincerely hope that with your full hearted co-operation and kind support we can build up strong platform for the society to live in. Wish you all the best and also wish for a long enduring relationship.

From The Desk of CMD

                                WE MAKE YOUR FUTURE SMAILING
It is a joyous moment, I am privileged to address all who read this message. I had a vision  GKIL The Family of  GKIL took birth as tiny vision of my dream. I in my heart , believed  that this family would grow and reach dizzy heights. Today I find that u believe in me and my dream, having accepted it with such enthusiasm and open arms. I am privileged to be able to bring to life the dream  I had dreamt. I wanted to bring smiles to the faces of all in and around the company  GKIL .We as a family envisage making the world a better place to live in   for  the benefit of the members   of the company and society at large.
I, as the  CMD of the company, assure you I would live up to your expectation, as I lead the family to grow manifold in the times  to come. The plans and projects  we are working on , it is our contention  we will reach great heights. We aim at being the greatest company in the country. With your support   I see my dream of reaching the greatest heights.
With these sincere words, I seek your support to conquer the world , I  thank you all  for putting your everlasting faith in me.


From The Desk of GM


I take this opportunity  to introduce our existing projects as well as other projects to be undertaking in the future. The projects  and the activities as highlights in this profile are all profitable and will pay rich dividends to the subscribers in future . Furthermore , in the present economic scenario, the services rendered by us will not only be helpful  to the ultimate  beneficiaries but will also add revenue to the coffers of the government.
Our philosophy  is to identify growth oriented projects in the arena of infrastructure, to implement them on a time bound basis and Endeavour to bring about international standard of quality and finally create wealth for all stakeholders.
Our team of expertise are constantly imparting their service round the clock and thriving for all  out better performance and development . I on behalf of our company thank all our Directors, Shareholdres, patrons, Well  Wishers and Subscribers from the bottom of my heart.